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Can you recognize a heart attack and cardiac arrest? [INFOGRAPHIC]

One thinks it’s the same, others thinks there is not much difference. But can you tell them apart? Do you educate the people around you about those differences?

Scientists continue to examine the heart. As a result, we get to know more and we can recognize symptoms earlier. For example, did you know that the symptoms of a heart attack can be different in males and females?

When a heart attack or cardiac arrest is suspected, you need to take action. Do you know what to do?

BHVNederland has developed an infographic for you. This infographic should improve awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack and cardiac arrest. View the infographic below, print it and share the information with those around you. Together we can save lives!

Click here for the Dutch version of the infographic.

Do you recognize a heart attack and cardiac arrest?

Copy the code below to place the infographic on your website

use CTRL-C and CTRL-V (Windows) or command-C and command-V (Apple) to copy and paste the code below

Infographic in print quality?

Do you want to print the infographic? Click here, the download for the infographic in print quality (high DPI PDF) will start as soon as you fill in the form!

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